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One picture, a thousand words

As the well-known Chinese proverb says, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

On this page, you can take a look at some of my work. I have worked on a wide range of commissions that are worth mentioning, such as floor tiling in Pachta’s Palace and Versace boutiques in Prague. Eventually, more examples of interesting or typical work from my own professional experience will be added to this page.

Reconstruction of a bathroom in the Czech Prime Minister's Office. I worked on this commission in 1996. All other information is top secret :-) more

Wall and floor tiling - Bořivojova Street, Prague 3. A typical example of a bathroom reconstruction in an attic apartment in 2001. more

Bathroom studio Besta Zápy, Brandýs nad Labem. In 2004 I carried out bathroom installations and installed wall and floor tiling in 20 showroom bathrooms for the Besta Zápy company. The materials used, ranging from ordinary to the finest quality, were supplied by various producers of ceramic tiles. more

Example of fireplace insert lining in a family house. Duration of work: 3 days. more

Reconstruction of the whole of an apartment belonging to the singer David Uličník. With the kind permission of the owner, some pictures of his bathroom. more

Example of a kitchen corner tiling in a cottage house in the forest of Sumava. Pattern made by Michaela Stefanidu. more

Example of some of my kitchen tile work. Usually kitchen tile work is not time demanding. It takes up to one workday and for a precise and perfect lining it is better to have the kitchen unit present. more

Samples of various bathroom tile work, from a relatively complex lining for a demanding customer in Prague 4 to a perfect coherence of a reduced bathroom space with an impressive tile work with a traverse made of blue transparent tiles, and an elegant bathroom in a small attic apartment in Prague 1. more

  Jaroslav Derka
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